Sofa anyone?

A couple of days ago, I posted some of the things that are going on around here. One thing I didn’t mention is that we are in dire need of new living room furniture, you literally sit down on the couch and wind up sitting on the floor. Earlier today, I started cruising craigslist and a local trade paper looking for freebies or low cost couches/futons. The problem with freebies and low cost ones, is that they are usually in bad shape themselves. Stud and I have never had brand new furniture except our mattress/box springs. Our furniture has always been 2nd or 3rd hand stuff that was pretty much on its last legs when we get it.

Well tonight, Stud comes in from work and asks if my parents want a huge TV, I say prolly so, then they could actually see what was going on…. and then he lets me know that a guy he works with… his family bought their parents all new living room stuff… and need to get rid of the tv… oh, and by the way… they are giving us a sectional sofa!

I haven’t seen it, neither has he, but evidently the parents didnt’ want new furniture, they wanted to keep their original stuff, its in that good of shape!

Talk about intervention! God does work in mysterious ways! Here I was looking for freebies, and hadn’t mentioned it to Stud, and he comes home with the very thing I was looking for!

And besides getting a new sofa, I also got a faith boost. I’ve been feeling rather down and out about it, stressed beyond belief, and here, something I hadn’t even given thought to pray about, was answered!

Young again

Ever have one of those times where you KNEW you should have brought your camera with you?  That was last night for me.

Oldest decided to take his girl to see Indiana Jones, the first showing at 12:01am.  It was showing at his favorite theater, which is a theater/bar/restaurant.  Really cool experience.  He got Stud to get the tickets online so they would be assured of seating, then went on to get the girl, tickets and proceed with his night.

He calls about an hour after he leaves and in a panic asks us to get another ticket, her friend is joining them.  No biggie.  Stud logs back on, goes through the motions, only to be given a big fat NO.  The showing was sold out.

What’s a boy to do?

Why he buys three more tickets at another theater, that’s what he does.  (must be nice to have all that cash flow)  But then, he’s faced with losing the original two spots.

Ahhh, he brainstorms, I’ll give them to mom and dad.

So, off goes Stud and myself to the midnight showing of Indiana Jones.  I’ve never in my life went to a big blockbuster movie, first showing before.  I was excited, even if the starting times was after my normal bedtime.

We get to the theater early to get our tickets, and stake out good seats.  We notice the parking lot is pretty full of people camping out, they have a fire dancing team going at it, the local news is there covering it, and all that.  I’m all atwitter with excitement.  Stud asks the chickie at the window when we can go in, her reply?  “Oh, it’s outside actually” and she points to the crowd of campers.  I look up and sure nuff, there on the side of the building was a huge screen.  Speakers were set up, and there halfway down the parking lot was a trailer with projection equipment in it.

Did I mention it was like 50 degrees?

Did I mention you had to furnish your own seats?

And blankets?

And refreshements?

Stud and I had 1hour before start time to rush to the other side of local city to the 24 hr walmart to purchase two chairs, two blankets, and refreshments.

Wally world is cutting back hours.  They had two cashiers, 4 self check’s open.

I chose the self check.

The line I was in kept malfunctioning, so they moved me to another line.  After standing it it for 5 minutes, I was informed they were closing that line and needed to move to yet another line.  Then when it finally gets to be my turn, the machine kept stalling.

Have I mentioned how fidgety I was by now?

We finally make it out, get to the theater with 5 minutes to spare.

I have to say that the whole overall experience was rather fun.  Watching the movie at midnight outside was pretty cool.  (if we could have got the giggle girl behind us to shut up)  The movie was really good, and renewed the fact that Harrison Ford is hot, even if he is old.  Stud and I got a totally spontaneous date night.  Like we were teenagers again!