Just let me  tell you, I love this picture. I can’t help it. That tiny hand, the look on Angelina’s face.

I don’t care what the controversy is, or what they say about the woman, she is a mom, and from the looks of things, she’s a darn good one.

Breastfeeding twins?  Gotta be a tough job.

I breastfeed all my boys except for oldest, and just keeping up with the demands of a hungry tiny little child who relies totally and completely on you for his nutrition is difficult.  Honestly.  sons2 and 3 wanted to nurse every 30 minutes.  That’s a lot of time with a baby attached to the body.

Just double that with twins.

Yeppers, that’s a mom.  Folks.

And that picture is a picture of love.  Taken by her man, and the love and caring shows.  So leave them alone!


Well, this year, I will hit a milestone, of the birthday kind.  I will hit 4-0 in September.  Yay me.

In honor of that, I had my yearly physical this week, and my doc was kind enough to send me off to have the boobages squished.  Let me debunk a few myths for you.

#1, IT DID NOT HURT.  Ok, Got that women?  No pain.

#2, I didn’t bruise, get pinched, or anything else even remotely like it.

#3, and this one is for all you men, it was the most mechanical time my girls have been felt up ever.

I’ll find out within a week whether the girls are ok, but seeing as how I’ve breastfed 4 kids for almost 2 years each, I don’t foresee any troubles.


In other news of the medical sort… I found out yesterday I’m anemic.  Hmmm.  i guess that’s why I’ve felt like crap lately.  Which I guess is better than the other options.  I’m at risk for Lupus and Diabetes, so I’ll take anemia any day.  As long as its the every day variety  that is.


That new stuff by ky, that yours and mine gel, rocks.

Nuff said bout that.


I went to Best Buy today with my dad, they sell Mac’s now.  I want one.  Bad.  But not enough to fork over the cashola.


Do not, and I do mean DO NOT buy anything from this site. Son2 ordered a baseball glove from them a month ago, we haven’t got the glove, no one answers their phone, and they don’t return emails.  yeah, um, I’m thinking we aren’t seeing that money again.  He spent his ENTIRE paycheck one week on that glove.

After we placed the order, I googled them, and wish I had done that first.  Nothing good came of my googling.

Learn from my mistakes, check out a company completely before using them online.


And for a small funny,

Me, Son2, and my dad went to buy a dryer today for my dad.  He has managed to go through 3 in the past month.  Don’t ask.

We had to stop for gas and pump up the tire on the truck.

There is Son2, all hunched over, putting air in the tire, Dad is watching him, but no air is going in.

Me: did you pay for the air?

Dad- Yeah

Me: daddy, did you put the quarters in the machine?

Son2- papaw, did you start the machine?

Dad- oh, i gotta put the quarters in the machine….

Battle at Stud Farm

I officially became one of “those” people last week. I called the sheriff’s department on my neighbor’s kids.

They moved in a year ago, and their kids have literally driven us nuts. The kids are 7 yr old twin boys and a 5 year old boy,and I have never in my life seen such mean children before. They have a newborn daughter who I’ve never even seen. But back to the brothers

They stole my cat, broke windows in my garage, I don’t know how many times they’ve thrown rocks at my boys while they were outside, keep getting in our chicken coop, killed all the baby birds in a nest in my garage, stole stuff off my back porch, and today, we had our big dog out in the yard on a run line, they were standing in the middle of the road throwing rocks at him.

I have went to the parents once a week, for months now, telling them to keep their kids out of our yard, and the parents won’t do a thing. Today I went up there and told them I was fed up. I was done. I had put up with it for a year, and was sick and tired of their kids running over me and my children. The mom tried to use the “but he’s got ADHD” excuse, I told her to give that up, I have raised 5 boys myself, dealt with ADHD, learning disabilities, PT, OT and speech therapy and she needed to drop that excuse because I’ve been there, done that, and mine NEVER did the things their kids have done. She even went so far as to tell me what she let her kids do, and what they actually did was none of my business. I let her know that when they were destroying my property,and harassing my family then it WAS my business.

The spookiest thing? While I was saying my peace, I was totally under control. Half the neighborhood came out to watch and hear. I didn’t make threats, call names, or anything else, I made a very legitimate argument, she didn’t even try to refute what I said.

When I got home, the boys all patted me on the back, congratulating me, saying they had never seen me that angry before. Which, they hadn’t. I rarely ever lose my temper. And I didn’t even lose it then. I was just fed up. So, I called the sheriff’s department, because the parents made it clear they weren’t going to do anything about their kids.

They will now.

The deputies told them that next time their boys do something to any of my property, or my children, that I WOULD take out a warrant for their arrest, seeing as how they are liable for what their minor children do. I haven’t seen those kids since.

The other thing I did, is I got my cam corder out to record while we are gone. A lot of the stuff they are doing is while we aren’t home. Now, I’ll get it on film, and have all the proof I need!

The entire neighborhood is up in arms over these kids. I’ve probably started a war with the parents, but I’m just sick of it.

So, my question is, what would you have done?

It’s all about image

I love it when Son2 works late. I went last night to pick him up, and he told me to park, he had lots to bring out.

I wrote previously, I think about all the food he brought home from work one night… well, last night, he brought home at least $200 worth of BBQ ribs. Plus some pulled pork BBQ, and baked beans. I called Stud from the parking lot and told him what we were bringing home, he decided to stay up instead of going to bed. It was 12am. So basically, we were all up at 12am eating ribs. Some dang good ribs. We also ate them for lunch. Until we got it all finished off, now, the dogs are eating the bones.

I should have took a picture. But I was too busy stuffing food in my face.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest,

With our state’s primary on Tuesday, our local big city has been inundated with candidates, and their families. In the past two weeks, we’ve had Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, Michelle, and Bill again. In previous years, the best we’ve had was Michael Dukakis. Yeah.

I don’t mind them showing up to smile and kiss babies, but it does bother me how many church services they are attending. Sometimes they speak, sometimes they don’t. But the fact is, they are stumping in churches. Kind of defeats the entire purpose of separation of church and state if you ask me.

While I do make it a point to find out the religious affiliation of the candidates running for major offices, I don’t want to see them sitting on the front row in my church. It makes me feel like the whole religious thing to them is just contrived. An act. A way to get votes. All the ones mentioned above attended services in our area, all of them in different denominations. A couple of them even hit two different denominations in one day, one even left church and went to a bar. Um, hmmm.

Why can’t they just stick to speaking on college campuses, in civic centers, local VFW halls, places like that?

I don’t want my pastor telling me how to vote, and when I see a candidate attending a church service, I feel like that is what is happening. My next question is, do the churches have to pay to have them there? Is it more for publicity for the church, or the candidate? And why do they only chose large churches? Why not small ones with 100 or less members? Wouldn’t that church benefit more from having the influx of visitors?

Can you tell this bothers me?

Blessing: I live in a country where we are free to vote for who we want.