Its what?

Ya’ll know that here in the Stud family we have strange things happen to us almost daily.

Last year, Son4 got hit in the head with a porch roof. It literally crashed down on his head, when and ambulance hit the porch. Well, he is still having some pretty bad headaches from it, and since that was over 6 months ago, the doc wanted him to see and ENT just to make sure the inner ear is ok.

ENT- (examining Son4) So, when did you injure your nose?

Son4- I didn’t know I had.

ENT- ok…..

Mom- What does that mean? Has he done something to his nose?

ENT- Well at some point in his life, his nose has been broken!

Only in the Stud house, can a kid break his nose and not know it.

Only in the Stud house would each one of that same kid’s brothers take credit for doing the breaking.