Better or worse?

You remember that line from the last post where I promised I would do better tonight. Well, I’m better in mind, but not in body.

Seems as if somehow, I either have a ovarian cyst about to burst, or a kidney stone that is moving. Who knows which… cause I sure don’t. All I’m sure of is that at one point today, I was doing the grocery shopping at Walmart, and about left my half full cart in the aisle, and drive myself to the ER. Which, by the way, is what my PA said for me to do. But, I got home, and have done nothing but sit on my tuckus all evening and while I am most definitely still hurting, it’s not as bad as it is when I’m up moving around.

I’m drinking my water, trying to flush my kidneys, taking my arthritis strength tylenol, and praying for relief. (I have anaphlaxis reaction to anything with aspirin, or ibuprophen in it) I guess the next couple of days will tell the tale.

Go check out Chris’ conversation with her almost 3-yr old. Welcome to the world I live in. I promise you will LOL.

3 thoughts on “Better or worse?

  1. Kidney stones usually hurt on your flanks and give you blood in your urine. The latter is not a helpful clue if you’re menstruating, however.

    Ovarian cysts typically hurt in your lower abdominal area.

    Have you ever had either?

  2. When I thought I had an ovarian cyst bursting, it turned out to be diverticulitis, which takes a test to diagnose, but then clears up with antibiotics. The pain was in the same place as an ovary. Feel better.

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