You poopyhead you!

I think my children argue more as adults than they ever did as actual children.

Only now, the words they say hurt and do irreparable damage to the person on the receiving end.

Why do we do that?

Why as adults do we try to hurt others with the most degrading, painful, harmful thing we can think of?

Why can’t we just call each other a poopyhead and be done with it?

Patience= Zip

Working in the field that I do, I have lost most patience  and compassion for idiots.

My calls go like this…

ME: My name is Charmed, may I have your account number?

Caller: I don’t have that. I just need to order a new card.

ME: Ok, to order a new card, I need to pull up your account, may I have your name and mailing address please?

Caller: Jane Doe  (10 seconds pass)

ME: Can I have the complete address please?

Caller: Oh, 123 Main St (another 10 seconds pass while I wait for them to finish giving their address.)

ME: May I have the city, state and zip code please?

Caller: (Getting miffed at this point and showing attitude) Randomville, USA!

ME: And the zip code as well.

Caller:  What?  Why, don’t you have enough?

ME: I’m sorry, but to pull up your account I have to put in your zip code as well. Can I have your zip code please?

Caller:  Yelling at this point 1 2 3 4 5!

Me: Thank you.

What SHOULD have taken 10 seconds period, has now taken over a minute.


Another example:

ME: Thank you for calling, may I have your account number?

Caller:  I don’t have an account, I don’t want an account, STOP SENDING ME MAIL!

ME: I will be happy to take care of that for you, may I have your name please?

Caller: Why do you need that?

ME: To be able to stop sending you mail, I need to know who you are.

Caller:  Jane Doe

ME: Can I have the address we are sending mailers to?

Caller: No, just stop sending them. (click)

Um, sure, cuz we all know you are the only Jane Doe in the US!

So yes, I have lost patience with idiots.

Its a side effect of my job.

The way a mind works part 2

Evidently today we are in the middle of a war. Dad just told Youngest he better move his position because the dynomite was going to go off and then that would be the end of Youngest.

Earlier today, he kept asking me to call a life long friend of his, and got rather rankled at me when I told him I couldn’t find the number. See, the friend passed away at least 40 years ago. I told dad that where the friend was located they didn’t have a phone. Eventually it settled him down.

At least something stuck.

Tonight my dad was wanting to talk to his dad. He told me to call his house for him.

I originally tried to divert his attention to other things, but finally gave in and got Youngest to dial my brother’s number.  My brother is good with dad on these nights where things are kind of scattered for him.

My brother didn’t answer, so my dad left a message…

“This is Charmed’s dad, 555-555-5555.”

Only he gave his old phone number.

How he remembered his old phone number, I’ll never know.

But he did.


I watched “The Savages” today.

It delves in to a family that gets news their estranged dad has dementia and how this adult children deal with it.

There is one scene in the movie where they are at the nursing home, watching a movie as a group, it is a silent, black and white one, and the movie resonates with the dad so much he loses himself in the movie and starts living it live.

That is our lives here.

Everything dad watches on TV, he lives.

Whether it is Matlock defending innocent people, The Waltons living their depression era lives, or Jag serving justice for our military, dad immerses himself in the story and lives it.

Some days we have to resort to nothing but preaching and Gaither specials all day.

I’m not sure why these things resonate so much with dementia patients, but they do.

At least something sticks.

There’s an app for that.

Its funny how our minds work

I am seriously missing Son2 tonight.

Nevermind that he hasn’t lived with us in 3-4 years. Nevermind that he hasn’t been in the same state as us in 1.5 years.

But just knowing that he is 11.5 hrs away by car, and that he won’t be coming over tomorrow for Sunday dinner….

He’s getting settled. Which is good.

But it doesn’t mean this mama doesn’t want him nearer to her, where I can see him on a regular basis.

A couple friend of ours, hasn’t heard from their son in 5 months. He came home from work one day, changed clothes, walked out the door and they haven’t heard a word since. He’s around the age of Son3, and adult, so the authorities really haven’t done anything to find him, since he left of his own accord.

That would kill me.

You might as well rip my heart out right then and there, because there is no way I could survive not knowing where my boys are. Its difficult enough, knowing where Son2 is and not being able to see him. But not knowing where one of my boys was, not speaking to him, not even a text… I would lose my mind.

We even  (at Stud’s suggestion) started a locator service on the cell phone. Mainly so we could keep track of him when he was driving to his new state. Son2 just laughed when we told him. Son1 told me I had taken my parental stalking to a new level. When I told him it was his dad’s idea he laughed quite a bit.

Parenting is tough. And gets tougher the older your kids get.

I’ll take all the tools I can get to make it easier!

Another one?

I really don’t like birthday season.

We are halfway through at this point.

Son4, turns 19 today.

That is one year away from not being a teen.

I’m so not ready for that.

Son4 has always been an easy child.  He was my easiest birth, practically was born before the Dr even knew it.  He was the easiest tempered baby, moving on to the easiest tempered child, to teen, and now as an adult he’s still just this laid back man that pretty much lets everything slide off.

But, when you do see him upset, you better believe he is at his limit.

I remember, when he was younger and I first started blogging, over on my old blog, I wrote about him reminding me of the pillsbury dough boy. He would coo when you pushed his belly. He still does.

He is still the smiley, happy boy  he has always been, only now that smiley, happy face is on a 5’10”, 245 lb body.  He works hard, loves his family, and loves his sports.

I think when Son4 was born, God knew I needed an easy one. He had some health issues, manageable ones thankfully, but always took the poking and prodding with a smile.  He wasn’t one to cry a lot. Just an easy going kid.

When he see’s me getting stressed or letting life overwhelm me, he will come up with some silly face, and belly bump me until I break out a grin.   A gentleman, if he notices someone in need, he is the first one to step up and help.

Unafraid to look goofy, he does what it takes to make you laugh and add just a little bit of happiness to your day.

Little does he know, just having him as my son brings me that happiness.

Happy Birthday Son!

Who says it isn’t enough?

Son2 is on his way to his new state.

Today my boys made me proud.

I saw them pull together, for a couple of different reasons today, each time as a unit, as a family. Not as individuals who were each out for their own benefit, but as one. Working towards the best outcome as a whole.

I saw my husband ugly cry.

I saw my dad’s face light up when he saw Son2.

I saw generosity to a fault.

I saw my boys, as a whole, become men.

I saw my Son2, get in his car, and pull away from all he knows.

I saw a bit of my heart leave with him.

I saw Oldest and Son2 express emotion that they never show each other.

I saw daughter in law’s true feelings.

My boys and girl made me proud today.

I’ve never been one to force them to say “I love you” to each other, or to hug it out. Stud and I have always showered them with love and affection, but we never made them show affection towards each other. I guess we figure it would come naturally.

Today, in their own way, each boy showed his love and emotion. They expressed their feelings by actions and words.

If Son2 takes nothing with him, he took an amazing amount of love, from his brothers, from his sister in law, from his grandfather, and from his parents.

They say love isn’t enough, but it goes a long way.